Rikon 10-325 Bandsaw Red tagged [Resolved]

The mechanism holding the upper pulley seems to be off its track/ base forcing the pulley out of alignment.

Attempted to loosen the tension to get it back in but I’m far from an expert with this tool so I left it alone before I did any more damage and submitted a ticket.

Thank you for submitting a ticket. The stewards are on it.

Upon further inspection. I think the upper pulley has to come off for a better visual.

Bearings out again?

It spins if you turn the pulley by hand, but nothing cranked when I turned it on initially which led me to open the door

The tensioner sits on this seat at the bottom and it’s jumped off somehow, you can kinda see in the closest pic but it’s pretty obvious when you’re looking at it in person

It’s back up, per @JoeN

The tension assembly mechanism was loose. I un-tensioned the saw and pushed the tension asmbly back in place. I couldn’t figure out what might be missing to retain that part with removing the pulley. I did a test cut after and it seemed fine except the blade could probably be changed.

Further investigation may be warranted, but it’s not super-high on the priority list.

When I arrived the I had to remove the door off it hinges to get it open all of the way. Someone had loosened the drive belt tensioner. I’m not sure if was done to essentially disable the saw or it was mistake. I assumed it was to disable it. I ran out of time to remove the upper pulley to explore if the tension assembly had somehow fallen out of it’s groove or there there missing piece that retains the assembly.