Restarting Octoprint Server

Hi - are there instructions to restart the Octoprint server?

It seems to be down. The PC next to Hermes is on.

Not sure, but tagging @Devmani and @pearlgreymusic in case they aren’t watching this category. One or both of them will know.

was working when I was there just 2 hours ago, did the power go out? I’ll restart it

should be up and running now @kyle.spafford

Thanks! I can confirm it’s back up and running.

The breaker was off for the 3d printers when I arrived. I flagged down the folks having a discussion on electrical planning, and they were nice enough to flip it for me. No prints were interrupted.

Sorry, we did flip the breaker that powered it.

Is it possible for Hermes and Apollo to come up switched / in a different order after the restart?

I sent my job to Hermes via Octoprint, and it started printing on Apollo.

Very possible, let me look at them again. It could be com port switched. I’ll wait for your print to finish and switch em back

flipped to the correct com ports

Fix confirmed, thank you!

I had joked to James earlier that the standard method for figuring out where an unlabeled breaker goes is to turn it off and see who starts cursing. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much what we actually did later, though you were gracious enough not to curse. :grinning:

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