[Resolved] X-Max Not Leveling [RED TAGGED]

So I just tried another print in the X-Max and, well, I think we have an issue. I did a small print first just to make sure my nylon filament was still good and I’ll admit that it could have been better. But when I went to do the large gear housing again, the X-Max failed miserably. It started printing with the bed at the lowest position, i.e. nowhere near the nozzle, and when I try to level it, it just brings the bed back down to that position. I can’t get it to go back to the top. What’s going on? Has anyone had this issue with it before?

I didn’t want to mess with it and mess it up further, so I left it.

@dash3811 may have a clue as to what is going on with x-max. I will be by the shop tomorrow or saturday to drop off some stuff and I can look at it.

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I checked it out and noticed that it only will go to its max endstop. I’ve contacted qidi in regards to troubleshooting it when I was there on Saturday. However, they requested that I send them a video of the issue and I didn’t receive that email til I was back home in San Antonio.

@Devmani the next time you are at the shop can you attempt to level it through the screen on the printer and video what it does? If possible it would be beneficial for you to video you actually hitting the level option as well as the printers actions.

Any updates on this? I will need to do another small nylon print soon.

Nope. I can’t proceed with troubleshooting it if I don’t have a video to send to their support team.

Okay, I should be able to stop in and take one tomorrow. I’ll book time once I have a better idea of my schedule.

That would be great.

Turns out that you have to adjust the Z in Octoprint while it is in “calibration mode.” Randall and I did that and were able to get it calibrated on the second try- the first time I accidentally moved the bed a bit too close to the nozzle and hit it. We did a quick test print using PLA, which was a bit bubbly and stringy, though it could have been because the filament had been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long.

I got a picture of the nozzle after it was hit- it looks like it is already steel.

I’ll try a small nylon print tomorrow to confirm.

I think we can mark this as “fixed,” I got a good nylon print yesterday.


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