[RESOLVED] Wide belt sander - thickness reading is off

Hi, I think I threw off the thickness calibration on the wide belt sander somehow. Everything is working fine on the machine, but the thickness reading is ~.2 off.

Apologies for not scanning the link on the machine, I forgot to do it before I left.

For reference, Red QR code can be found here in Discourse

Thanks, submitted there.

Note: the wide belt sander isn’t yet in the machine list there.

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Following up here because it looks like someone lowered the platform all the way and somehow set it to 0 so it won’t raise more than “-.15” any idea how to zero out this machine?

I reset the height and the machine is operating normally. When using the wide belt sander please use the steps covered in the sander class.


Thanks @David!

Also general note for all – if you haven’t taken the sanding class, you aren’t authorized to use this machine.


Thanks! I realized my picture cut off the important part showing that the bed was lowered about 2 inches but was showing “-.15” instead of the correct depth reading. I don’t recall being shown how to reset the depth gauge in the class - is there a manual that can be placed online like there is for the other machines?

I’m going to suggest the way to re-learn is to ask the person who taught your sanding class.

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That’s not covered in the class - would be better if it’s reported and addressed then. This is the second time this issue has popped up, same issue came up last week . Would really like to know how/why it’s happening.