[Resolved] - Tarkin air to lens assembly, maybe bad lens

The first sign there of a problem was air hose pipes off mid cutting cardboard at 300/100%. I stopped it and reinstalled the air hose with only maybe 10 seconds of cut after the hose pipes off. Cut continued but I noticed smoke coming from the laser in opening at the top of the head. Not normal. I check the air out the tip and it seemed normal. I tried another cut and the air hose pipes off again. Again I reinstalled it and made sure it was all the way down the plastic fitting. It has stayed on since but the cut power is way down so I stopped. At 100/100 it barely marks the cardboard. Thoughts? @workshop

Sounds like a dirty/ damaged lense. @dannym

Tarkin has been red tagged for the rest of the day, and Danny expects to come to the shop after work

Fixed, :green_heart:

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Thank you Danny!