RESOLVED: Set off the sawstop

After telling who knows how many folks in orientation sessions to be careful with the sawstop, I guess it was only a matter of time until I set it off myself…

Working in replacing it now, and it’s been a little tricky getting the cartridge and blade off. If anyone has any advice, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Got it off with a whole bunch of wiggling and grunting. Going to woodcraft now to get the replacement parts.

Turns out woodcraft is out of cartridges. Does anyone know of anywhere else we can get hold of a cartridge?

@EricP @JoeN @dannym any ideas?

does home depot have them?

Seems like at least the one near me has them

Found one at the hackerspace. Just installed and the sawstop is operational again!

How’d you set it off?

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Make sure it is not the dado cartridge installed, there are extra regular cartridges in the woodshop cabinet always,
you can pay for the cartridge replacement on neon

Didn’t think through my cut and used a metal sled that ended up touching the blade. Not very smart.

I ended up using one of the regular cartridges from the cabinet. I ordered a replacement that should be in next week, so I’ll put it in the cabinet once it arrives.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the SawStop Facebook group, it’s that SawStops and Incra sleds are natural enemies

Microjig! Plastic miter bar.