RESOLVED - Resaw Bandsaw

Brake is not shutting off motor nor stopping the blade movement.

The brake has broken. 2nd time in 6 months. New one should be here in about 5 days. We are going to see if we can manage a temporary repair in the mean time

Large Grizzly resaw is back on line. It brakes much better than before, and power interlock at brake is repaired.

Remember, go easy on the brake. Do not mash it. Gentle pumps.


Seems like a bad place to use cast metal, especially with such a thin wall around that bolt.

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The photo shows the brake and casting upside down. The brake pad faces downward, and when force is applied to the brake, the downward pressure is against the main brake casting. Normally, it shouldn’t see a lot of strain on the thin section that broke. In this case, the screw had sheared, and then started to back out. That set up different stresses that blew out the thin part of the casting. The remainder of the screw was also bent. Right now, that same brake is working fine. The screw is clamping the brake. We’re getting a new brake in, and can swap it out later.