[Resolved] Pearl print driver no longer installed?

Are there instructions on how to set up the print driver for Pearl (from Corel Draw) anywhere? I tried to use the laser tonight, and clicking “print” just opens up normal print settings, but I couldn’t find the laser options that I’m used to.

Also, there used to be a doc on the attached computer for using Pearl for rotary engraving, and that seems to have disappeared, and I couldn’t find it in the wiki. Does anyone have a copy of that?

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@Stephen-L-M and @michleon100 - I’ve red tagged Pearl in skedda, heads up

We’re a bit perplexed on how this happened. The Reboot Restore image for this computer appears to have gotten mixed up with a non-laser computer.

Oh, yikes. :grimacing:

It looks like the red tag has been removed in Skedda - does that mean the drivers have been reinstalled? Or is it more of a long-term fix?

Driver was reinstalled.

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