[RESOLVED] No air pressure on Red

I have the compressor running. I’ve checked the valve for connectivity. But the air pressure on Red is flat. Red says there’s insufficient pressure to run. Have I forgotten a step in the months I’ve been away? Or did Red just decide to not work as a gift to me upon my return???

Never mind. I tried cleaning out the hose one more time and this time a piece of fuzz blew out of the nozzle… now pressure is building fine, and Red is cutting.

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It’s also pretty typical if it’s been sitting overnight that the hose needs to be disconnected from the water separator for a minute to let the pressure build in the tank, then plugged in to shut the automatic valve. If it starts up from completely empty, the pressure can escape faster than the compressor can build it, and it won’t hit the pressure needed to close the valve that shunts the air into the air assist line.

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I am having this same issue right now. I’ve pulled the hose and restarted the laser 3 times now. I’m not sure what else I can do to fix this issues. Laser is currently not cutting

@dannym @EricP @mcmancuso, any ideas?

The air compressor for the laser is inside that door that is over by the blue laser. you can check there to make sure its operating properly.

Also, @valerie you may want to change the topic so it doesnt say resolved.

Just to be clear, the sequence for getting the air system to build pressure (if the air compressor is in fact turning on)

  1. turn on wall switch behind the red laser/PC
  2. disconnect the quick fitting on the hose below it (DO NOT TURN OFF THE SWITCH)
  3. wait 1-2 minutes for pressure to build up in the compressor reservoir
  4. connect hose and confirm that you see at least 20 psi on the gauge for the water separator (the thing you unplugged the hose from)
  5. start laser, it should now recognize the air pressure is present (you should not need to reset the laser cutter at all for any of this process, it should recognize the pressure as soon as it is present and proceed with the job when you clear the error and hit the start button)

Possible actual failures:
It is possible that the air compressor is not running due to it not getting power (blown fuse, has come unplugged), or that the compressor has died if power to it has been confirmed. Once it is confirmed that the compressor is coming on, and that pressure is building in the system, it is also possible that the pressure sensor in the laser cutter is faulty.

Will take a look.

We should just leave that compressor powered up. It would cause less issues in the long run

Intake filter clogged, fixed

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Thanks Danny