[RESOLVED] Miter saw failure

I was teaching Woodshop Safety this morning, and when I got to the miter saw, it popped, and a piece of metal came out at me. Someone had not moved the right fence out when they did a miter cut by tilting the blade. They had cut off part of the aluminum fence. The piece apparently went up into the saw. Aluminum flakes we’re all around the saw, so you didn’t clean up the work area.

With the piece still in the saw, it came out at me.

Please clean up, and if you make a mistake, report it, and pick the pieces up. This was left a safety hazard.

The saw is okay. It’s just missing an inch of the right back fence.

I’m sure that blade is trashed now. Sorry this happened to you.

I think that’s my fault. I was cutting making a compound cut in a really tough piece of ironwood and when it kicked back I think I assumed it just got caught on a knot in the wood.

You’re right that I didn’t clean up – someone else was using the miter saw after me and, after cleaning up the planer and bandsaw areas, I didn’t go check the miter saw. I don’t think the metal piece was in the saw as the saw definitely saw use after me last night.

I’m glad you’re not hurt (actually you don’t say that – are you?). Do we need to replace the fence? I can come in tomorrow evening. Iirc it’s a 12", 32T DeWalt blade? I’ll pick one up at Home Depot.

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There are some holiday deals going on right now for blades. I think there is a 2 pack of avanti blades for a deal

I wasn’t touched, but a chunk of aluminum came out from somewhere, with a bang. I would hold off on replacing the fence for the time being. That saw has had a difficult life, and it may be time to retire. Replacing the blades-fine.

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I’d be happy to chip in funds for the Bosch CM10GD (or 12) if replacing the saw is an option. That’s been the model of choice (barring the kapex) in both of the commercial shops I’ve worked with.


We have the Bosch 12 at home and I love it.


Did a couple of test cuts and the blade is fine.

I got a couple of Avanti fine cut 12” saws and they’re now in the large cabinet to the left and underneath the miter saw.


New saw is installed and available for use.

I didn’t check the factory calibration, but I’m betting it’s at least as square as the old one :slight_smile: