(Resolved) Horizontal Bandsaw red tagged

I’m taking down the bandsaw to do some maintenance. I’m going to reposition the angle of the hydraulic downfeed cylinder. It will help put less pressure on the saw and hopefully make better cuts. It will be down for about a day.


Thanks for doing this maintenance to keep it in tip top!

do you want any help?

Depends. I have a student who wants to learn to weld so I am going to have them make the mounting plate. If they show up.

text me if you ever need a hand


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Awesome. Thank you. The install was quick.

The new plate was installed and the angle of the hydraulic downfeed cylinder was moved closer to 45 degs. This will lessen the stress on the cylinder. After doing some testing. The hydraulic fluid is a bit low. You need to pull the saw up past your intended stopping point to get the saw to stop near your intended stopping point. I will add some hydraulic fluid this weekend. The saw is cutting very nicely. Let the saw fall slowly and doing some other work in the metal shop while it is working for you.


The hydraulic fluid is filled up. The downfeed cylinder is working great. At some point we will work on the vice. Clean up the chip tray when you are done cutting.

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Awesome! Is it back online? I have a feeling we will be chopping for hours… Thanks for keeping all of that well calibrated.

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It is back online.

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I think the band is off the wheel(s)?

Turned it on to make a cut and blade wasn’t moving. I don’t have the know-how/time to align the blade and I can make my cuts with a cuttoff wheel but I’m red tagging it for now.

If it’s easy enough and someone replies in the next hour or 2 I can take a look.

Blade looks wonky

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Things I’ve already looked at:

  • making sure there is tension
  • checking that the gears are spinning and belts are tight
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I am coming in for something else this afternoon. I will check it out. I’m pretty sure you are correct about the bandsaw blade being off of the wheels.

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The blade did come off the wheels. Thank you @deathraylabs for reinstalling the blade.

I have a fix for the vice. I will added a handle and try to fix the current acme half-nut. If that doesn’t work. I will get a new acme nut.

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The bandsaw got a new handle for the hand crank and a new pin for tensioning the acme nut to the acme threads. The hydraulic down feed cylinder reposition and the new parts make this saw highly functional.

If you turn the handle clockwise. It will drive the moveable jaw forward. If you turn it counter clockwise for 1 turn. You can slide the moveable jaw backwards with ease. If you turn it clockwise again. It will engage the acme thread and drive the jaw forward. Happy cutting!


Thanks Joe! Wish I had read this before I cut I today!

I’m pretty excited that this is fixed up now! Thanks @JoeN!