[Resolved] Heavy duty power strip needed for sanding station

I was trying to use one of the sanders over by the lathes with the shop vac running. The power strip kept cutting off, at variable intervals. Joe was there, and said a heavy duty power strip is needed.

It is ordered. It will be in late this week. If we keep having issues. We will look at a tool delay for the shop vacuum.

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Thanks again @JoeN. I really appreciate how quickly you help fix so many things.

Short term solution for the sanding station: only use one tool at a time, and then use a shop vac at the end to clean up the dust you work created.

No problem. This would be the next step. Amazon

New power strip has been installed.

I left the top plug for the vacuum. We ran the the shop vac and turned on several sanders one at a time. It passed that test. Also ran the vacuum and 2 sanders at the same time. It seems to hold up.