[RESOLVED Air-assist; see other red-tag thread for latest status] Tarkin air assist not working?

Here for my appointment on Tarkin, but it seems there’s no air assist.

First cut on acrylic flared a bit which I’ve never seen on Tarkin before.

Rough guessing with person here is the compressor is not switching on


Will check. The linear compressors are pretty crappy and I really want to hook them up to shop air

Should I hang around or will you be by later?

If the air assist compressor is busted as I suspect, there’s not an immediate fix for it

Does that mean the machine is red tagged? Or is it feasible to use the machine for low power jobs without air assist?

We still have the California Air Tools portable compressor in storage.

That air hookup in the wall isn’t connected to the main compressor?

It is and is pending approval for moving forward. Stewards are actively discussing how to get the requirements for that project met. As @Jon mentioned, there is a portable compressor on site that can be used in the meantime, @jamesfreeman has also offered a replacement. @jamesfreeman @dannym and others are discussing next steps and someone from leadership will update here when the immediate term solution is determined. The shop air connection is a longer term project.

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Thanks for the update, @valerie. I took the liberty of updating this thread title to make it clear that the machine is red-tagged until this is resolved.


Just cross-posting status: Danny says that he expects a solution later today.

See other thread:

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Thank you @J-LoM! :heart: