Resistor sourcing help

Does anyone know where I can get these type of resistors need about 25

Won’t be in stock until September however

If you’re not picky about the form factor, you can get 25W 4Ω wirewound resistors Amazon Prime

Yah lead time is the main constraint they are holding up delivery of a very high value product. Thanks @Jon I will take a look at those, main concern is if they can handle the heat the same. (Also its a legacy product so there is always apprehension of changing anything)

Those have aluminum cases. You could possibly bolt them to a heatsink and odds are theyd handle heat very well.

Even without the heatsink, they look pretty solid.

Lots in stock in DigiKey.

3.9Ohm 25W axial in stock at DigiKey (claim 2000+):

4Ohm 25W chassis mount in stock at DigiKey:

DImensions appear to be better, actually. If heat is an issue, you can probably get the 50W versions. 3.9Ohms is what the E_Series should be–4Ohms is a bit unusual. 5% tolerance means that both values are well within range.

I would also point out that you can use 4 1Ohm 7W or better in series. 1Ohm 10W may be a lot easier to find in stock as 4Ohms is kind of an odd value.