Resisitors Inventory

Are there available resistors in the electronics lab? i’m looking for a kit on amazon since its overall cheaper than purchase a 10 or 25 pack of resistors. However i can’t seem to find a pack that contains a 1.6k ohm resistor.

I didn’t see anything that looked like it was organized last time I looked in the lab, but I didn’t look in detail. If you need a surface mount in either 1206 or 0402, I have a couple of kits at my house and I can just cut you a couple of 1.62K resistors. For axial, sorry, I don’t have those anymore.

For electronics components, I generally recommend Digikey or Mouser over Amazon. I suspect that this kit probably has a 1.6K resistor in it since it’s a 5% kit:

Fry’s used to be my go-to for axial components if I needed them now, but they’re having … issues. Maybe try Altex?

As for a 1.6K resistor, that’s somewhat of a non-standard value–you won’t get that until you get to a 5% resistance tolerance. Of course, a standard 1.5K resistor with a 10% tolerance overlaps with 1.6K. And then you won’t see it exactly again until a 0.5% tolerance.

Most electronics components have values that follow the E series for standard values: