Resin vs Filament comparison (Non functional videogame props)

As I worked on the curriculum for resin printing in the space, I fired up my resin printer at home. I decided to print something I’ve already done in Filament to see how they compare and show people the differences between the two mediums.

Side note printing of Ghost Guns is not allowed at the space; it’s not a question that has come up but let it be known it’s a violation of the space agreement. Posting ghost guns made at home is also prohibited on discourse.




cool. maybe it’s just the photo angle/lighting, but the filament appears to have a more realistic texture/feel quality to it.

The layer lines are more pronounced so the post processing aspect will take longer with the filament version. The Resin version is pretty much ready to paint as is and will only need minor sanding and filling.

Have you tried acetone smoothing with ABS/ASA? Pretty good results if you don’t mind a glossy finish. If you want satin or matte just hit it with some primer and paint

When I do the post processing on the filament version I’ll just make a mixture of bondo and acetone and airbrush it on. This will fill and prime at the same without it muddying up details that a typical fill has a possibility of doing.

Interesting. The pre-mixed tube type Bondo or the 2 part kind?

Pre mixed tube