Reservations - How Many?

As usual, I’m confused. I thought you were supposed to only have one active reservation, for one piece of equipment. Looking at the Pearl laser today, there are several people with reservations today and tomorrow. Can we now signup for multiple days on the same piece of equipment?

You can sign up for the same piece of equipment on different days.

Ok Things have changed. Great to know.

No Harlan is correct on this. The lasers specifically have restrictions on this, where other areas/machines do not, due to high demand.

I just went through the Pearl reservations for this week and added bumpable to the title for reservations where that was applicable. I didn’t see anyone with more than two reservations, so none got deleted. Once an active reservation has passed, you can remove “bumpable” from the title to make your next reservation a hard one. If someone wants to bump another member’s reservation, they can email or, or reach out to the member directly if they are comfortable doing so.

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Thanks for doing that. Would you mind checking the large CNC as well?

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Done, thanks for mentioning. Helps us a lot to ensure these policies are known and applied equally.

For reference, CNC info tab:

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Thanks for the clarification @valerie !

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