Requirements to become a Voting member

I think we should add a requirement that new members have to be members for atleast 90 days before they can request to be B-share members.

Also that if a member who has been with the space fore more than 90 days must wait until the member meeting after they placed their request has taken place.

The purpose of this is to prevent the mass on boarding of members right before a vote to swing it in favor of a decision. This is also to prevent the mass on boarding of current members to B-shares swing a vote.

I also think this should be retroactive, that anybody who has joined on the last 90 days should not be considered a voting member until they have reached 90 days.

The number of days may change depending on feed back.

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In my opinion, the limits on non-members has some mostly upside. The time limit on current members has mostly downside.

Because people get their $100 back when they turn in their B-share, it is really easy today to load up friends who have nothing to do with the space, swing a vote, then retire. I don’t want to mess with the financial arrangements, so limiting new B-shares only to those who have been members for a bit seems reasonable to me.

But if something comes up and the membership feels that strongly about an issue, then I think they should be able to join and vote. If you can really rally the troops that much for a topic, then that topic seems like something worth listening to in a vote. In my opinion.