Request for wifi card

Was wondering if anyone has a usb or PCIE Wi-Fi card they have lying around that they would like to give me. It’s for Brendan and I’s fiber laser computer.

Something like this
Wireless 802.11N WiFi Card PCI Express Adapter - DISCOUNT ELECTRONICS


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Hey Eric, I’ve got a couple of these Asus cards lying around. Happy to give one away. See if this is what you need:


That looks perfect.
If you just want to leave it on the computer itself, its right Infront of the fiber laser or you can put it on the up for grabs shelf with my name on it.

Thanks Again!

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Will try and make it up there early in the week, I’ll keep you posted! Will leave it on the computer itself.

Just left it on the keyboard at the laser computer.

Appreciate it JOHN!

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