Replicate Vintage Compacts

I am trying to recreate vintage makeup compacts and I am struggling to figure out what the best tool would be to cut sheet metal. It needs to be exact, so I need to be able to program it in because it is to complicated to do by hand.

I have the file created in AutoCAD already. It is not letting me attach photos to this post for some reason. If someone who has experience in cutting metal would be willing to meet with me at ASMBLY to show me the tools, I’d be happy to compensate for their time.


To my knowledge, none of the laser cutters at Asmbly can cut metal. If it’s thin steel you want, i would suggest getting it quoted/made at


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How large is the object you’re cutting?

Unless you’re talking about aluminum, I assume you mean sheet steel. If its relatively small, then the Tormach may be able to do it, but may be a bit overkill. @EricP may be able to answer more thoroughly. Hopefully within the next few months, though, we’ll have the fiber laser up and running so you can use that when it’s available. It’ll have its own class you’ll have to take to use it, whenever its ready.

For the moment, your best bet is to use a service like sendcutsend as Alex mentioned, or train to use the Tormach

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Thin aluminum can be cut on our normal CNC machines.

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Hi, the metal is only 1mm thick that needs to be cut. Aluminum or brass are the main metals I am considering right now. Hopefully the fiber laser is running soon!

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Both aluminum and brass have been cut on our Laguna CNCs. Here’s a post from @wynd on a brass project he did on the iQ and I’ve also seen @ewei do some really cool brass CNC work on these machines as well.


Oh, great! Yeah, as Valerie said, both of those metals can be cut on our regular CNCs. You’d need to take the Laguna CNC class to use them.

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@GoodHabits - I’m totally curious to know more once these get done. Once you’ve been here on Discourse for a bit longer you will be able to post pictures.

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