ReOpen Team Report from 6.23

Hi, Hackers!
Sorry for the delay here – plenty happening this past week! Next time maybe I’ll share the job of putting out notes.

Here are some big developments from the ReOpen team this past week, 6/23.

First: We are set to allow guests, one per person. @haxor group has received a link to the new Covid-era guest waiver. Please fill out before you get to the space, as our tablets at the space need to be replaced. Guest name must be listed in Skedda. Guests must be 13 years old or older. Guests must follow ATXHS’ COVID-19 rules for masks, sanitization, and distancing. Because of accidents in the past caused by inexperience, guests are not at this time allowed to use ATXHS shop-owned tools; they may help you with your project only. Members are responsible for their guests.

Second: We are mobilizing a team to help contact current ATXHS members who may not yet be comfortable accessing Skedda or Discourse, with members of that team including @dsoo, @JoeN, @wdnatx, and @Caroline. If you want to help, we want you! We are checking whether GoogleVoice will work as a way of calling from a central ATXHS number. We want to ask anyone who’s confused to attend Weds’ Zoom member meeting and ask questions. @dondur will be consulting with us to establish that directions are clear and sensible for people with any level of tech experience. Valerie is also planning to record a short video to help walk people through. If you know anybody who is having trouble with access, please offer support them in getting onto Discourse and back into the space, or refer them to ReOpen team.

Third: We are pulling together our first-ever Zoom Orientation for New Members, for July 7! @Members2B @Stephen-L-M and @EricP are working on pulling together the orientation materials. @RGRistroph is set to make appointments with new members who want a combined laser/3-d printing class to get started. If anybody else would like to teach a distanced, combined laser/3-d print class with 1-3 students, depending upon your comfort level, please email/message @reopen. We will be working on how to get people into the woodshop classes next, but we need to figure out what a viable plan looks like with distancing and precautions, as well as discovering what teachers are comfortable with. @Joshcross We’ll have a covid-appropriate updated Member Agreement and liability waiver ready by then, which current members will need to sign as well. More on this to come.

Fourth: To assist with the ReOpen with Distancing Measures, a member with video skills is making a video tour of the space on July 5, since Tuesday night drop-ins for prospective members may still be some time away. Thanks, Patrick and @Valerie! If you are one of the people participating, please be in touch with Patrick and Valerie to set up your time. @EricP @JoeN @Mollie @RGRistroph If you are in the shop on that day and don’t mind sharing your work as part of the video, that would be a great help.

Also Important:
We are locking the dumpsters again and making a lasered sign with the dumpster combination for the workshop door. People sometimes go looking for a clear dumpster and throw stuff in ours (such as the recent oven in the recycle bin)
We still need to examine our policy for teens. We did discuss, but ran out of time at our board meeting last week. At this time, teens are only guests, not members with user rights. TechShop allowed teens on machines, however we don’t have a teen training program, like TechShop did.
However, we have at least 3 teens at this time who could be checked off on different machines in the shop. Please message @board if your family has needs on this topic.

Tomorrow, we’re meeting again, please direct any questions to us at@safety team.
Best wishes and gratitude for the teams which are pulling together.