Reminder: book your time and CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES

Today I had two people trying to use a machine I had booked for hours, at least one was an honest mistake of machine names. The other, not so sure, but I’m not here to put people on blast.

If you are here using equipment, you must have time booked on that equipment in skedda. No exceptions.

Additionally, I’m getting very frustrated by the fact that every time I come to use the big cnc and other areas of the Woodshop, I have to clear all kinds of junk away from the table, then all kinds of tools and parts and offcuts and god knows what off of said table, dust / chips off of the machine bed, before I can even start working.

This is what the table at the cnc looked like after I had to move a panel cart, a trash can, some offcuts out of the way before I could even get to the table:

We are all adults here, and we all share this shop. I’m sure none of you would want your own time wasted either. We all have a limited amount of time to use the shop so let’s be more respectful of everyone’s time in this shared workspace.


Was trying to figure out why i received this email specifically addressed to me since I’m not sure why it was sent to me. None of the stuff you moved last night was mine nor did I put in the way. I was using the glue up table. I did have stuff on the table saw that had my blade on it but I did not stop anybody from using it. I also had stuff on a big metal cart that I moved as the day went along. I agree about the booking part. There are plenty of times that looking at skedda, I’m supposed to have the shop by myself only to get there and find most of the tables being taken. I don’t say much because I realize that people loose track of time (including myself) and run over their reserved time. The cleaning part or policing stuff is a never-ending complaint. I honestly expect it as part of starting to use the equipment. In the last two weeks, I know for a fact I spent all my booked time unclogging the sawstop a couple of times or fixing, moving stuff, or something unrelated to the reason I went in. By no means I say I’m perfect and I’m sure at one point in time I have contributed in doing all the above. So can you be specific about what I did wrong so I can address or resolve my infraction? I don’t mind being corrected since is not my intention to go to the shop and get in the way by using a machine I have not reserved or to mess up the place. The main reason is that I value time, mine and others and really don’t like leaving my mess behind so for the most part i clean after myself so the next person can go straight to work.

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@JOSEGAYTAN I don’t see that this was specifically addressed to you (@DirtHurt was intentionally not calling out specific individuals, but raising general awareness). I think the email notification on the post came to you directly due to how you have your Discourse notifications configured. That happens to me with some posts as well.

Thanks for calling this out and bringing attention to it @DirtHurt. This isn’t acceptable and is not how we should be treating this community space.

I just posted this to space teams general so maybe a notification setting on your end, definitely not calling anyone out specifically.

Got it. I was scratching my head. Anyway, come to find out ( i just did) somehow I was reserving my time for Friday on Saturday so in a way i was part of the above. Now skedda is not letting me neither erase the bookings made or make a new one on 21 october not sure if is normall since i did use that time.

The general category “space teams” is only very rarely selected, but that is the only time (aside from when I am given an @mention) that I get an email directly from discourse. I agree that it can be confusing when it happens!

@JOSEGAYTAN Skedda will only allow booking admin to change or add bookings in the past. This keeps regular users from being able to game hour restrictions. I did move your Friday woodshop booking to Saturday since you were mentioning it here. Hopefully I did the right one. We have several Skedda admin that can help with that sort of thing when needed.

Back to the original topic, if you encounter a mess, please take a photo and submit a problem report via ANY red QR code in the shop. And please provide a time when you found it that way. We can, and do check video footage and will contact the responsible individual directly.

@DirtHurt comment’s are spot on. This is a community workshop, and we are all sharing the space. We do not have janitors, and the volunteers who do help maintain the space are there to service equipment and provide assistance, not clean up.

When you create scrap, it goes in to a trash can. Then you need to take the trash can to the dumpster. If you have difficulty opening the dumpster, ask for help. Return hand tools to their proper location.

Each time you sign up on Skedda, you are agreeing to these conditions.


Empty the dust bin on the Swift!

There is no threshold for “I only cut X” or “it’s only X% full.”

I did a few profile and drill cuts on 2’x4’ plywood tonight and expected less than 1/2 a quart of shavings. The bin was full and I struggled to lift it on my own. I may have dented the bin a bit as I struggled to invert the bin into the dumpster.

If you can’t lift the bin or are too short to open the dumpster ask for help. No one has ever said no when I’ve asked for help with dirty no fun dumpster stuff.


This right here. This can fly in a personal shop, but very often usage in a communal shop is a combination of many peoples’ small cuts rather than one person doing a bunch of cutting.

Yes, it undeniably sucks to be the one to take out the trash after just making a few cuts. But if everyone is actually doing their part, that should be infrequent. And when it eventually is your turn, just bite the bullet and do it. Everyone will be grateful, even if they’re not there to express it.