Reminder - Big CNC’s last day is 9/23

Friday is its last day, and I want to make sure everyone knows.

Details about the new CNC in this post


Do we have an ETA on getting anything new up and running?

The new IQ is in place and ready for wiring. The circuits cant be run until the current machine is taken offline. Keep an eye out next weekend.


Almost the end of an era. I learned so much and can’t thank Danny enough for building and hosting his super capable machine. I was able to learn without the fear of failure. I ran the machine with another person for 24 hours straight. She held up through it all. It help me build a business. I learned so much about maintenance and eventually got the nod from Danny to help with maintenance. I will miss the router.



Thank you so much Danny for all your time, effort and support that you bring to this community.

It would be amazing to have a counter of the number of things that have been created on this CNC over the years.


Bumping this thread as a final reminder – the big CNC will be offline starting tomorrow. @dannym is still trying to find a new home for his machine, so if you have interest or ideas please reach out to him directly. We’ll be disconnecting power and dust collection this weekend.