RED TAG: polyprinter not printing [RESOLVED]

The motor is trying to extrude the filament, but it seems that the extruder is blocked. I don’t have a ton of experience, but that extruder has never looked to be in great shape, and I’m fairly sure a similar thing happened not terribly long ago.

I can do a bit of research to figure out how to address this, but if anyone else has the time and experience to help out here, please feel free to dive in.


Copying @Devmani as well, he lives nearby and might be able to take a look sooner.

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The whole extruder assembly was replaced fairly recently. the settings on that are best set with Polyprinters kiss-slicer. Using non polyprinter filament is generally a waste of time. I might switch that machine to only Polyprinter ABS and have people pay through neon. I have printed about 500 prints on that machine and when you just use Polyprinters standard settings and their filament it just plain works. my sucess rate is like 98%.

Does this still need to be looked at or are we going with @EricP idea of making it poly filament only? I can take a look at it after my Laser class saturday if need be.

I fixed it, Needed to swap the Nozzle. I only had the cheaper replacements but did buy more of the poly printer ones.

I do think there is big advantage of having printers that just work from an education perspective . being able to load an stl ,use generic settings and press go and you get a successful print is super rewarding and a great jumping off point for people to dive more in the world of 3d printing.

3d printer users let me know what you think

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I mean yea the Poly could be the “it just prints printer” but it’s also one of two printers that have built in enclosure so we wouldn’t be able to print ABS on that one if it becomes that yea?

I would only run ABS on it

roger that