Red Tag on PolyPrinter (Resolved)

I tried to use the Poly Printer tonight and it seems to be having an issue with the Y axis. When you turn off the motors, you can feel it binding, particularly when going backwards (away from the door). I cleaned out some stray filament leftovers thinking they may have been causing an issue, but it’s still binding enough that the stepper motor is jumping on the belt.

The cr-10 is available to use. I’ll take a look at it here in the next few days.


Thanks Greg. While you’re in, can you also take a look at leveling the bed on the CR-10? When I did my first print on it tonight, two of the leveling knobs shook loose and fell off completely. I re-leveled it and then used the auto-level but I think it could be tweaked a little bit more by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Oh, and also, just fyi, the screw for the filament tube came unattached from the carriage end. I screwed it back in, but just wanted someone else to be aware in case it occurred again.

So with the auto bed leveling feature now available on the cr-10, you just need to make sure that inside your starting gcode in your slicer settings you have G29 listed somewhere. Once the bed has heated up to temp it should then run through auto-bed leveling. Where it will probe 3 points on 3 rows 2 times each. Once completed the printer itself will then auto-adjust itself accordingly to the results of the leveling scan.

Naturally, this won’t work if your bed has a vast difference in height. So all that matters is the nozzle is generally around the same height in all four corners and in the center of the bed. Even though the wheel may not have been tightened on it, the nozzle was level when I dropped it off. I made sure by running a leveling print that created 3 sets of squared lines resting inside each other and all their line widths were almost the same.

I will take a look at it again when I come in sometime today or tonight.

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I took a look at it and it appeared from what i was able to reproduce it just needed an adjustment to the Y-limit switch. If it continues to occur by being something else, If you could please provide a video of what’s happening so that way i can better diagnose the issue.

Will do. Thanks for taking a look!

Hey, I was in tonight and this is still occurring. I can’t upload an .mp4 video here, so I’ll shoot it to you in a text, if that’s okay.

In the video, it printed the first layer (and supports) fine, but then it skips on the y axis and starts printing the second layer about an inch back and starts grinding. Sorry for the short video, but it really doesn’t sound good, so I didn’t want to leave it running for any longer than necessary.

Adding video link here.

This was user-error. I was printing too fast, so I dropped the settings in KISSlicer down to 75 on the fast/precise slider and the issue resolved itself.

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