Red laser testing after new tube/Reporting issues

I did a full size bed test with the red laser on 1/4” Baltic birch and it cut very well. I used the baseline settings that are from the manual; 100power 2.4speed 500dpi z .17. Got a nice clean golden brown edge all around.
Also rastered at the max raster speed that is allowed which is 80% and had no issues.

If you are not having the same success please report on the lasers section using the below template.

Notes on reporting issues:
Please include:

  1. Material type/thickness (please be descriptive there is a difference between Baltic birch and regular birch.
  2. Include full settings.
  3. Take pictures
  4. Leave sample if possible
  5. save file to desktop if possible and include file name in post.
  6. Be highly descriptive of issues.
  7. Tag @stewards in post