Red Laser saying “Please install the cone before using air assist”

I just got here and looked into what has fixed this in the past and what caused it. Seems like some people might not be using this space when they run into problems. I did not hit the cone tonight so someone before me might have done it when they came in or on there way out. I am not sure if this is the case, but the last time there was an issue the other member did not let anyone on here know. Also I am ok with it but i feel like I am the only one taking the trash out from this bin even though I regularly take all my scraps with me so that i can use them at my shop.

Yeah this typically comes from striking the cone, it happens
I will drop by to realign the cone Wed am

If someone is interested in making some quarter inch height weights for the laser. That would be great. I have some 1/4" steel material to help make that. Let me know? I can work on engraving it after.