Red Laser Public Z: drive File won't open

I have all of my files stored here and the drive has a red X through it. I’ve restarted the computer twice and it hasn’t gone away. I tried on Blue’s computer also. Anyone know how to fix the drive?

The message says 'An error occurred while reconnecting Z: drive to \192.168.158\public Microsoft Windows Network. The local device name is already in use. This connection has not been restored.

@buzmeg maybe we just learned what was on that “NFS” server?

@elrod could you confirm?

I was about to say, sounds like the NFS server held all the public drives. It would make sense since NFS is a file sharing protocol for windows.

What does that mean? I stupidly got in the habit of saving all my files in the public drive one day when I forgot my flash drive. Please tell me my files aren’t gone.

They’re not gone - the machine is just turned off.

That’s a relief. Can I turn the machine on? Which machine are you referencing?

By off i believe he means temporarily removed from the network.

There are two servers in the electronics lab computer cabinet (one of which is labeled NFS server), you just have to power them on and everything should come back up. I did not delete or destroy any data (at least intentionally). Feel free to power those systems back up. I will then officially rerack them next Wednesday.

I’m going to give people a warning: those machines are OLD and choked with sawdust. If you are saving files to those machines, expect that they can die at any time. In addition, THERE ARE NO BACKUPS.

Please make sure you have a copy of your data. This goes for every computer in the space. We do not back those machines up.

@dash3811 Maybe. But we also have a server underneath the NFS Server. I suspect that is probably an SMB (Samba) server and is what is holding the public Windows drives.

Happy Easter. Has the Z: drive been restored? I would like to copy all of my files onto a flash drive. Thanks.

If nobody turned on the servers then, no. All that is required is for someone to power on the servers (one is labeled “NFS Server”) and everything should come back up.

I have not been back into the space since Wednesday, so I haven’t been able to check.

Thanks. Can you please tell me where these computers are, and whether there is a password needed to start the computer. I am disappointed that the drive was removed from the computer without members being advised. Looking at the number of folders on the Z: drive I would think there are many people in my situation with files they weren’t able to access last week.

It’s not a computer per se as you would expect its a server. And its in the server rack in the electronics room. I turned on everything in the rack the other day I believe but i could be mistaken. There wouldn’t be a password since there is no screen or keyboard/mouse for that matter. is the NFS/Samba Server. It is back online. I had to coax it through a filesystem check. I checked on Red and the public share is also back online. I will post more about that server later. is the server below that. It is also back online.

I am disappointed that the drive was removed from the computer without members being advised.

I did notify that something was happening, and, in fact, I did so with quite a bit of advance notice.

The real problems are that 1) Nobody knew what those machines were doing (I still don’t know what is doing) and 2) those machines are unmaintained and not backed up. The fact that we even had a public share was news to me given that all of the classes transfer data around on USB keys and didn’t even so much as imply that there was any other way.

This is just a manifestation of the Iron Law of System Administration™–nobody notices until something actually goes down.

However, even though those systems are back online, I STRONGLY recommend that you copy your data off. The filesystem failure indicates that those drives are on their last legs and they will likely die soon with or without help.

At that point, server and data are GONE. No recourse. No backup. You have been warned.

The share drive is kinda awful anyways- you have zero security on your data. It had no login at all. It’s not just that anyone could copy your work- they’re easy to accidentally change.
Case in point, if you leave a doc open in Corel, if someone just starts making their stuff without creating a new doc and hits Save, it saves over your work.
Easier still, if you save your laser settings as a file and walk away, the NEXT person using the laser who makes new settings will probably forget and just hit Save (not Save-As) and will overwrite your file. Because there’s no “Make a new settings” at all, so it’s that much easier to forget and overwrite who-knows-whose file. I created machine calibration files and they got overwritten like every week if left on the share drive

Awesome, thanks. I’m using Red on Wednesday and will back up my files