Red Laser out of Square?

Just realized the reason my laser cutouts weren’t fitting their cutout was that they are out of square. I cut these on April 1 of this year.

Anyone else seen a similar problem?

Looks like about 1/16 inch per foot.

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I did have to take apart the Y axis linkage awhile back. The timing on that rod sets the square, which I had perfect before. At the time I didn’t have reference for squaring, but it was close. I can certainly bring in a reference and make it closer, perfect-ish as it gets.

Ive definitely had issues with this too

When you get a chance to give it another tweak that would be great Danny. The mating template for the part in my picture is spot on or close enough over 24" that your previous setting was more than good enough.



OK, it’s much much closer now

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