Red laser not.. lazering

Hi this morning I popped in to do a quick job loading from a tested file and print settings but although the laser head is tracking across the print there is no actual laser. I don’t intimatly know my way around the machine but I returned everything off and on again and same thing. Not sure if it s a user error or a laser problem.


Is the rear hatch open?

Is the Red Dot Pointer set to ON in the settings menu?

The rear hatch is down and looking like it normally does. I am getting the red dot on the display window when I am opening the door. And the red dot setting is “on”. I can see a very faint red dot when I put my finger under it. But just only just.

Red Laser is still not burning
Everything looks and works as usual besides the actual burning

Ok but we’re sure red dot mode isn’t on, right?


Was it in red dot mode? I thought I checked that

It was set to red dot mode. That disables the cutting lasers

Ok, noted for next time. So that setting menu where I had red dot “on” should be “off”. I’m happy it wasn’t just me haha