Red Laser error - red tagged

Red was working fine this morning, and then it stopped with an unreadable error msg (see below img). I’m not sure what happened, I was not using any supports.

Tried rebooting, got ‘End of Travel’ message. Red tagged.

I have not seen this one before. I’ll take a look.

Is the carriage all the way at the end stop?

Thanks Danny.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think so.

I’m at the machine and not seeing an error.
The job left on it is set to raster, which has been very hit or miss for awhile.

I’ve shifted focus to having new lasers up and running very soon rather than hunt down Red’s rather arcane quirks. Will keep updated, things are coming together pretty fast

Please make another thread if you want to ask about that, we’ve kinda been misusing thread titles

That’s fair. Appreciate your help with this.