Red laser back up

Wasn’t what I thought it was, just a burned RF jack. Cleaned up and put back together.

Did a few basic tests and everything was fine, but I didn’t have time for a full battery of testing. So, please message if you have any problems. Please be as specific as possible.

The problem I was on the lookout for was uncommanded firing, noisily, whether running or not. The interlocks- opening the lid- will still guarantee the tube turns off. This could be explained by the burned jack and no prob occurred after it was cleaned up for as long as I tested it, but I’d like to be watching it carefully for the next few days. If the tube fires like that again, we need to shut down the machine and unplug it from the wall, but I don’t think it will.

Looks like there is some uncomanded firing still I’ll send a video via email @dannym

OK then it’s what I thought initially- I have the parts for that. The damaged jack was incidental. I’ve got the parts here to do this

Thanks for the heads-up. I watched Caroline use it last night and it didn’t show any problem

I did change out a component. I’m not sure if it was the prob. I did some test cutting and it was performing fine, I’m wondering if it’s just not going to show up when I’m looking or what.

Is the red laser still down? I signed up to use it today at 12pm but I am getting an “out of range” when turning it on. I tried turning it off, resetting the breakers, and unplugging it but the issue persists.

Shouldn’t be, give it another long shutoff press on the silver button and try again.


Not sure what’s going on. I made sure to turn off for 20 minutes and then pressed on the silver button again but it’s still giving me out of range. I tried rebooting the computer again without any luck.

Do an immediate cycle hold silver button for 5sec to turn off then boot up again right after fully shuts down.

I’ll take a look late tonight if continues . Possibly boot drive issue but that hardDrive is not very old(1year)

Yes I tried the immediate cycle and am still getting an “out of range” error. If the issue can be fixed by tomorrow that would be great because I am making a part due Wednesday, but if not I might switch to the Blue laser. Thanks!

Cool I’ll look at it , yes if you can fit in blue go for it.

@tomthm @Stephen-L-M

Hi all, I finally got it working – the stroke thickness should’ve been set to 0.001". I apologize for the hassle, but thank you @EricP for your help!

“out of range” on the display is not a hard drive prob. It’s the “no signal” message that always shows up initially but sometimes stays after booting if the display didn’t sync. The system is actually running underneath and responds to button presses, but no video.
Rebooting will fix that prob

Hi @dannym - I’m experiencing uncommanded firing again on the red laser during my test print. Is there a workaround for this?

Right, I got a message earlier from Eric. I need to see for sure what it’s doing here, it’s specific to one of the tubes and not the other. It can always be used with one tube, but setting it to use one tube from the user panel will not actually accomplish this.
I wasn’t able to reproduce it before, so I’ll investigate asap

Ah ok copy that. Wasn’t aware that another person was experiencing the same thing earlier today. Thanks, Danny.

OK I can reproduce this problem- not sure what this prob is, I will get back to this soon

I have that tube disabled for the time being, so it’s cutting with half the normal power for Red (same power as Blue is normally). It will definitely work ok this config.

Because the red dot pointer normally sources from that tube, the red dot may not be visible. Please do not go into the config menu and set “Red Dot Pointer” to “ON”. That means “red dot only, no cutting laser”. It will not cut, and that config setting is persistent, it will still be left in red dot-only if powered down and back up.

Hey I was doing some cutting on the red laser at half speed and it quit cutting the vectors and was firing randomly. I was testing it for my class tonight, but it is not working properly so I do not know what we should do. I have always said that since the classes are every 2 weeks and we never know when the laser will work we should just go ahead and show them how it is supposed to work, but the red laser has been down so much lately that I am not coming here that often and dont rely on it for any of my needs. I included a photo the little dots are not in the original.

I would swap it to focusing on having it be a blue laser class instead.if you want to teach the operation of both that is fine with me