Red Laser Air Pressure issue

I got a few cuts done with red today, and then it threw a head alignment error i think, needed to be reset, ran for a bit longer, then threw the following error:
“Insufficient flow from air/gas assist device.”

checked airflow and found no external issues

What was the pressure?

Usually this comes from the water filter (ceramic now IIRC) has picked up enough crud that it doesn’t flow. It’s after the reg and if blocked the reg will still show pressure.

Don’t overpressure the reg. The pressure sensor isn’t made for high pressure and will glitch out and I believe I’ve seen it read low from being over pressure

I’ll take a look

thanks, yeah i believe one of them was backed up, seemed like the first filter had picked up a lot of moisture

oh, i just saw the question at the beginning, i believe it was set to 50psi