Red and Blue laser issues

I see.that the blue laser is red-tagged for the entire week. I’ve been having a lot of problems with the red laser not cutting my 1/4" birch. Has anyone noticed an improvement in the red the last week? My product is completely dependent on a laser. Thanks.

Yep, I do regular power checks and already on it.

Blue is “down” only because we’re doing a temporary switcheroo where its laser is now in Red while we regas one of Red’s tubes. Don’t worry, it makes sense. Just saying, Blue didn’t actually “break”, I’m just combining tubes on Red.

Red’s running on only one 60W tube tonight though, I wasn’t able to finish pairing up the second tube. It’ll cut as well as Blue. I’ll get the second tube in Red tomorrow PM and get it back to full power.

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Also Pearl utilizing Pearl as a rotary-only was just a convenience issue. In fact it’s the equivalent of Blue, but with a significantly more powerful laser and a mostly equivalent printer interface with an older look, but that driver is maintained and ULS issued a new Windows factory update only a few months ago. The honeycomb in Blue will fit in Pearl.

Only prob is, Pearl’s exhaust isn’t ported to the outside. It was intended to have a fume filter on it but in the end a off-the-shelf filter got put on it that won’t handle any significant amount of plywood or acrylic. We’d talked about fixing this by adding temp venting or moving it in Blue’s location while the tube is being serviced, but ran into time constraints on that. If a strong need for the 32x18 bed comes up, we can probably make that happen.

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Red is now loaded with both its tubes again. Cuts great!

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It cuts great but I still had the end of travel error pop up when it was not near the edge of the bed. not a huge deal, but I thought I would share.

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Was this during rastering If so what settings ?

OK that’s good to see a pic. That’s not the error I was thinking of, was it vectoring or rastering?

Rastering I believe 55 power 45 speed. I was just putting a darker edge on a piece that goes under something else. I usually take a picture of setting but didn’t do that today as I was just messing around with making a sign for my wall.

@dannym I used the laser this past hour and it is still having issues cutting through 1/8th inch birch ply. :confused: I know you guys are trying to fix it so thank you, just letting you know so that you’re aware! I’ve wasted material for the past 3 days on an order.

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I might have some insight as I noticed it is way hotter up towards the home location. I just ran my projects two times to make sure it cut top to bottom. I cut 1/8” eukaboard and some 1/2” mdf. The mdf mostly cut through where I ran it twice and the eukaboard cut through completely on the top and slightly not perfect on the bottom, but i was just messing around with a sign for my wall like I said.

I think the bed may not be level, but also it could be that I was not securing my piece to the bed.

OK, I’ll check for this. Alignment on large beds is tricky, although it was looking spot-on last night. I’ll be by with measuring equipment. I’d like to try a collimator upgrade on it that I think you’ll love, I just didn’t want to change too many things at once


A user’s cutting 1/4" ply doing great at 1.7% on the right side of the bed

Leveled the bed.
I gave it a long look and I see how I can use some new stuff I have on hand to really enhance the beam quality. I’m gonna give this a shot, stay tuned.

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@dannym Thanks danny! @EricPmy settings were at 100% power, 2.5 speed and measured for my 1/8 inch. the thing is that the laser cuts relatively fine on top…still doesn’t cut all the way through honestly, but the bottom half of the laser is just barely cutting.

my wood was perfectly flat

Any timeframe for when the Blue Laser might be able to work again?

A few more days for the tube shipping back here.

The plan was initially to use Pearl in the meantime, it can be an XY laser like Blue too, faster, actually. But, the exhaust isn’t hooked up for dealing with bulk wood or acrylic smoke right now.