Recommended PPE for welding?

Hey metal folks,

Since there’s no longer community PPE in the welding shop, what would you suggest for noobs?

What’s a good value for money in a mask, gloves, or apron/coat/jacket/thing? Do you have any suggested online vendors?

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I believe the helmets are still available? I would pickup a jacket from Northern Tool. I’m personally not a fan of the super clumsy mig welding gloves. I prefer a thick single layer mig glove. It provides more dexterity. You have to be cognizant of hot metal. You will have less protection. I prefer gloves from welding stores. The gloves run anywhere from $12 to $40. The higher priced gloves are Miller or Lincoln brand. I’m a fan of Tillman gloves.

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I second Joe’s suggestions. I found a pretty good jacket on Amazon, to replace my old trusty crusty welding jacket, that went missing a number of years ago, not at ATXHS. I used an old govt. issued foul weather jacket for a while. Finally, bought the jacket last year, it is a “Waylander Welding Jacket”, with split leather and heavy cotton material, all stitched with Kevlar. It ain’t cheap, but the fit is good and the cotton breaths very nicely. Nice and cool, in the summer. There is a pretty comprehensive sizing chart, but I had to return the first jacket, and one size up, that fits great.
I also bought a Jackson helmet, on Amazon, after test driving the ones the Space (Joe) got late last year. Sure beats my crappy Hazard Fright clunker. That clunker, was their high end version.
Amazon had a deal going on the “Insight” with Evil Knievel motif. Not sure on the model number for the space’s helmets, but they are excellent.

Peace, Wolf

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