Rando dumpster gremlins?

Was on my way out and saw this truck pull up and throw a bunch of crap into our dumpster and leave it open.

Dunno if this is a normal thing or what but it might be something we need to be aware of depending on what they’re throwing in there?

I’m the rando gremlin. We have in the past gotten people who dump in our dumpster. I am a member. I had a rotten screen door I had to dump.

Hahahaha I kinda figured it was a member I just felt obligated to say something

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I also dump in the dumpster lol. Its actually super useful when I have something bulky that won’t fit in my trashcans

To be clear, this is NOT an acceptable thing to do. It is outlined in the member handbook as a membership terminatable offense. If you’re doing this (I’m currently going :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: lalalalalalala), please stop so that your membership status is not compromised.

Use the appropriate designated resources for this such as CoA residential bulk pickup (if you are in Austin city limits). If you know of additional resources, please share them in this thread with your fellow makers to help everyone choose the correct path for these situations!


Got it. I won’t do it again. I normally dump in my work dumpsters, but was in a rush today

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