Raised Panel Door on CNC

FYI. I made my first raised panel doors on the CNC (MDF as these will be painted). See pic below. Almost perfect, but had some profiles mess up due to the MDF not being fully down to the spoiler board on one corner. I should have shot some composite nails to help hold it down and/or covered more of the vac areas.

Using moulding profiles and array copies in VCarve makes this pretty easy, but takes a while to cut with 1/4” BN and EM (and some inner corner cleaning up with a 1/16” EM). Two tall doors took a little over 2 hrs total including bit changes.

I could probably speed up the BN on those profiles as it cuts so little each pass - I used 300 IPM. Not sure how fast is too fast? Anyone cut moulding profiles in MDF?


This is great. I’ve played around with this concept in the past but never had results like yours. Thanks for sharing.

If you’re going too fast you’ll have bad results, chipping along the edges, etc. I found 400 IPM gave me not great edges on expanded foam PVC with my plastic bit, so I slowed it to 240IPM and got great results. Trial and error.

Yes, that’s what I’m afraid of on the edges (or wearing out the bit prematurely). I guess I could slow down on the first and last passes and speed up in the middle, On cove and QR profiles, the step over is so small, very little material gets removed with each pass making me think I could go much faster with good results. I will test it out one day. As you say, Trial and Error. Fortunately MDF is not so expensive. :slight_smile: