Rain dripping in multiple areas

There is some areas of the shop that have a leak dripping. Didn’t think much of the first area (above lathes) but just as I was about to make some cuts on the Sawstop I felt some drops and it made me question if I should use the saw stop right now. Don’t want to set it off due to a stray raindrop…

Thanks very much for the heads-up! While it’s still wet, please take pictures of the floor and ceiling anywhere it’s leaking. We’ll need to escalate this to the landlord.

Ah shoot, it stopped so I wasn’t able to get more than the two pictures already posted. The ceiling picture was above the new table saw and it was dripping and being dispersed into a mist from something that was blowing up high (air filters?) it was mainly landing on the front left of the table close to the miter saw.

The other spot was right by the artisan workbench and seemed to be coming from where some of the light cords go into the ceiling (there is a hole)

Got it - thanks for the clear descriptions of the locations. There should be pretty clear sign of water ingress in those spots.