Questions regarding Orientation and Facility Tour with Bryan

Hello Asmbly!

I am a new member looking to participate in the Orientation and Facility Tour and Woodshop Safety Class coming up this Tuesday with Bryan however, it is full. I am only here a short while, hence I really would love to take the class as soon as possible.

I am currently an Intern Engineer for a company in Austin hence why I am only going to be here for a short while (it could become permanent, too soon to know). I come from Miami, Florida (born and raised) and was a student at the University of Miami (recently graduated).

At the University of Miami, I was the student manager of the machine shop (under supervision of a machinist), I was also the school of architectures lead student supervisor for the woodshop and digital fabrication lab. So as you probably can tell, I desperately need a machine shop as that part of me is currently missing here in Austin. Luckily through a google search on the web, I found this place and let me tell you… This is one of a kind. Nothing like this exists in Miami.

If the class limit is strict and cannot be made an exception, I understand. Figured it didn’t hurt to ask.

Here are some pictures of me in my old machine shop, dearly miss it but it was a great place where I learned so much and became a teacher to so many inspiring people to be Makers!

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Hey @njacks1! Welcome to Austin! I’m so glad you found us and thanks for taking the initiative to reach out here and share about yourself. Our Membership Coordinator @lisa can do a 1:1 session with you. Just email to set up a time with her. Note that we’re a bit slammed preparing for our big party on Saturday ( - you should come!) so it might take a little longer than normal for her to reply.

We do require all members take classes for each shop area and specialty machine they use regardless of experience so that everyone is on the same page with the equipment specific to our shop as well as any associated policies or quirks. We have an Intro to Machining class on 5/31, but spots go quickly so I recommend signing up for that ASAP.

Looking forward to meeting you and seeing you in the space!


Hi Nick,

I wanted to inquire if you were able to locate a spot for an orientation session? Let me know your availability and I can see if there is an open spot or you and I can set up a time to meet 1:1. I have some time on Monday, June 6 and Tuesday June 7.

Best way to contact me is


Hey David,

Sorry for the delay in response. Had a couple of urgent family stuff pop-up during this and have been handling other life matters. I am still looking to join, things are looking as if I will be staying in Austin full-time which is great news and I would definitely like to get training done. I am going to checkout the current status on training schedules and get back to you at that email.

Hey there Nick we have several orientations coming up if you still need to drop in on one

Hey Ashley, I already completed my orientation! Thank you for checking in.