Question about using CNC

Is it true that after completing the course to use the CNC router, you have to purchase V-Carve Pro for yourself in order to start using the machine?

We have v carve pro on a desktop at the space. You can make your design in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or any cad program. Vcarve accepts a dwg, dxf, (vector pdf), adobe illustror, and svg files.

Not at all! You need to get VCarve Pro Trial Edition, this is free:
“Trial” is a bit of a misnomer. It is fully capable of CAD (your design) and CAM (all the cutting operations you plan), and has no time or size limits. The only limit is where you actually say “save as g-code”, it will stop at this final step. You can fully save your project at home, you just can’t generate the g-code output.

We have a VCarve Pro Makerspace Edition in the building. This can load up your project that you created on your own machine and THAT machine at the Space can save g-code for our machine. It’s not really inconvenient since you have to be at the Space to use the machine here anyways.

Ok great. Thanks for the clarity. I was having second thoughts because that’s an expensive program, but all of that sounds fine.