Qidi Max Printer

I saw there was a red defective tag on the qidi Max printer, but didn’t notice any posting concerning it or any note stating what the issue is. If someone could please elaborate that would be greatly appreciated and extremely helpful for both me and the people who are the fixit/repair team.

I don’t know that much info about why it is down. I do the nozzle is clogged. I believe there are other issues

Ok I’ll give it a once over in the morning to see if I can remedy it when I’m there

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It does appear that the nozzle has been clogged. From my deduction it appears to be from heat creep which happens when the part of the nozzle that is supposed to be cooler gets hot and the filament flows backwards. This is due to a wire on the fan that cools the nozzle being broken. I’ve taken it apart and have the nozzle assembly as well as the fan with me so that i can put a new jst connector on the fan wire and clear the nozzle at home. I’ll keep you updated but should have it repaired by tomorrow.

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Thank you very much!!

@dash3811 I think that it is great you are getting the nozzle unclogged. Thank you!

To help prevent this in the future do we know if the filament gets passed through a filament dust collector? I was searching around thingaverse and came across this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4670986 I don’t know how well that one works but I know dust is going to get into the extruders again with the space being setup as it is right now.

I’m sure that’s something we can look into. However the reason that the nozzle was clogged is because the hotend cooling fan wire became broken and was no longer working which in turn can cause heat creep in nozzles where hot pliable filament moves backwards into the part of the hotend that is supposed to keep it cool. it then hardens and prevents any filament from passing through it as that part doesn’t heat up as is designed. the fan has been repaired so this exact issue shouldn’t continuously occur.

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