Public use CNC bits

I relabeled the bin of public use cnc bits, currently living under the desk at the IQ. These are bits that have been donated by members. Asmbly isnt supplying them and wont restock them if a bit breaks or goes missing.

There are some cool endmills and v bits. I included two bits that are helpful for CNC topography, so when you take that class you can use those bits and do your first project right away.

Since all the bits are donated, always check shank size with calipers and look closely at the shape since a bit may have mistakenly been put in the wrong storage box.


I just signed up for the class on Saturday and was wondering if I could get a recommendation for some router bits I can use to cut some 3/4" finished plywood on the big Laguna. What kind of bit should I be looking for?

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I don’t know about topography w/ plywood.

For cutting plywood you definitely want compression bits. 1/4" compression bits are my workhorses for through cuts. Two flute downcut are also useful if you’re not cutting through the plywood.

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I just cut some ½” plywood with this compression bit. Gave me beautiful edges.

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Yay! Looking forward to the class!

For topography you’ll want a ball nose bit. Size will depend on how big/detailed your map is. I added a 1/8 ball nose to the public use bin, it’s great for a finishing pass. I’ll be sure to cover some extra tips and tricks with plywood in mind as the material.

And then as others have said, a compression bit is what you want for cutting out profiles in plywood.