Protocol for long / overnight 3D print jobs at Asmbly?

Other than proper scheduling of the printer(s) with Skedda, is there a protocol (or recommendation) for checking in on jobs that take 20+ hours?



There isn’t protocol per se. If you want you can post here in the space team that you are doing a long print so others will know and not make any unnecessary trips. Try to keep prints to a day or less out of consideration for others is all I ask but it’s understandable if you have a print here or there that runs long


Thanks Randall.

fyi, I’ve got a long print on monday (May 23). Hopefully it goes ok. I’ve blocked off ~24 hrs in Skedda for it.

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@christoph_lewis Hey, I got a print running for the anniversary event and will be finished in the early AM Monday. I don’t think I’ll be in the shop before 9 am so if you could place the items in the box between the printers and swap the filament I’d be grateful, thanks so much.

disregard, I was able to go in and clean up my mess.

Thanks, Christopher for bringing this up! I had a long print the other day and I wasn’t sure what to do as well. (In hindsight, probably should have posted here in Discourse).

I’ll try to keep my prints to a day or less in the future and block it out on skedda. Or send a heads up to this space if I need to print something longer than a day!

One idea is that the 3D printer users might aim to regularly put their phone number into their skedda reservation along with their name so that it would be easy to get in touch with each other when they expect a longer print.