"Problem sending data" to Dorian

I used Dorian for the first time today, and I had a few issues.

  1. After a few successful cuts, of varying complexity, and different laser settings, I tried to cut a very simple design, and this consistently produced a “Problem sending data” error message. It was a circle with a rectangle inside it, created from scratch within Lightburn. I tried a previous test cut, with just a (different) rectangle, and it worked fine, then the problematic design continued to fail. I tried resetting everything I could (esc and reset buttons, restart the embedded computer, restart Lightburn), nothing helped. I left a file on the PC called “this-breaks-dorian.lbrn2” or something like that, in case anyone is willing to look into it. Similar thread that did not help me: Advice please dorian - #4 by tomthm.

  2. After getting used to the remote control for the laser head position on Tarkin, the controls for Dorian feel real squirrelly. In fast mode, it jerks unpredictably, and slow mode seems painfully slow. It’s also much slower than Tarkin when using “Frame”. Are these things we can customize easily? Would there be any opposition to updating them to match the Tarkin behavior?

Sometimes if you just copy and paste the graphic it gets rid of junk and works. Maybe your lines are open ended? If you run a preview it tells you and shows you the open end nodes. This part you can fix on lightburn. Is under the edit folder/tab. If you converted the graphic from something else into SVG there maybe some stuff added or deleted. Is hard to tell by only a description.

Thanks. I cut a circle with a rectangle inside it, created from scratch within Lightburn, using the circle and rectangle tools. I left a file on the PC called “this-breaks-dorian.lbrn2”, with the problem design copied and pasted into a new project.

I’m not really expecting anyone to troubleshoot this right now, but if others experience it, maybe a common flaw in the files will be apparent.

Is there anywhere good to put that file, that will be visible publicly on the PC and won’t get deleted?