Precision Drilling or Milling?

Hi, all;

I’m working on an electronics project and need to cut some holes in an enclosure- I tried drilling it myself and I couldn’t get them to line up as evenly as I wanted. I also need to make a square cut for the switch, which requires precise holes.

Any recommendation for tools to use for that? Like a drill press or maybe even a milling tool? Does Asmbly have any tools for something that small? (about 11 by 8 cm, ABS plastic)


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I would consider lasering the enclosure and using the cnc router for pcb board. I don’t know if there are rules for pcb milling at the space. When I cut pcbs on my cnc router. I use a hepa filter on a shop vac. I’m actively vacuuming

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Cool. I already have the PCB done, I had a service in Hong Kong fabricate it.

I know the lasers at Asmbly can’t be used on ABS, but I know Lakeline Monogramming offers laser engraving. I’ll reach out to them- thanks!

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I tend to make a jig or guide for this, which I affix to the front then drill smaller pilot holes before removing the jig and making the holes the final size. The jig/guide can be lasered or CNCd out of a machinable material like wood or acrylic or as simple as some dots on a piece of paper and a slow hand on the drill press.

The mill and DRO should do nicely too. Get it set up in the vice with an origin and move to each x/y and drill. Again, you can just drill pilot holes which a step drill or larger bit will catch on and self center to an extent when widening the hole.

Could I 3D print a guide?

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It might take a little longer than other methods but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, especially if single use is acceptable

oops sorry for the laser suggestion.

You could laser cut a thin plywood template then double stick tape it to the enclosure for drilling or import an .svg file to the Shaper Origin.