Power Drop Clamps

Last week I finally finished the clamps I was making a while back for the electrical drops in the wood shop. You can use them to easily hold the outlet end of the drops in place wherever convenient.

While doing so, I upgraded the pull cords to something more durable and more easily grabbed. I took the fact that the previous pull cords were often looped over the clamp as an unspoken complaint that they hung too low, so I shortened them. I adjusted all the power and air drops to a standard height, also a bit higher than the last time I did so. They should be above the heads of 99.8% of all people, but the pull cord height is certified short person approved (thanks @stepho).

If the drops seem too low, it’s likely that they are not fully retracted; I see this frequently. The ratchets on all the electrical drops do work, but you do sometimes have to be certain the cord winds onto the reel evenly to make them retract fully.


Thank you for spending time to get this all calibrated and full featured. It’s a significant shop quality of life upgrade.