Power Chord for the Embroidery Machine [Resolved]

Hey friends, does any one know if something happened to the power chord for the embroidery machine? I looked all over the textiles room and wasn’t able to find it.

Also apologies if this has been discussed already and I missed it somewhere.

  • Jordan

That’s very unexpected, for sure. The ironing board and the table for the embroidery sewing machine swapped places sometime between the September Sew Social and today, and so I’m going to guess that might be when it got misplaced. (sorry i didn’t see this note until i got home, though!)

@summermiller125 - any chance you’ve seen it recently?

@stepho I swapped places of the iron board due to the iron not being able to reach the outlet plug on the right side of the room to avoid overloading the socket on the left side of the room. Did not notice any missing/misplaced power cords.

It’s possible I might be able to make it over tomorrow to do a search, but if not, this weekend is more likely.

I’ll also let the stewards and on-duty folks know

One additional question @jordanmboudreau - did you notice if the foot pedal was present?

Hey @stepho, I did not see the foot pedal present either! In fact I didn’t know their was a foot pedal for the embroidery machine. I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon and can look again though.

Cord and foot pedal have been located and have been reunited with their machine!