Powder Coating Cabinet and Oven

I’m looking to make a powder coat booth and oven combo. Let me know if you want work with a small group to
-Get an inexpensive electric oven
-Remove the burners on top of the stove
-Add insulation that is also fire resistant such as kale wool
-Make a box to sit on top of the oven with some acrylic cut outs for natural light
-Add lights to the top and sides of the outside of the box
-Add a base with wheels
-Add an electric plug for 220v (oven) and one for 120v (lights)
-Add a temperature controller to the oven with timer control
-Order a powder coat gun
-Make a rack to go inside the box that has a lot of eyelets for potential hanging parts on j hooks


I have been trying to get a set up, off the ground for a few years. Ever since Tech Shop went under. Financially, I might be able to help, a little, ghings are kinda tighg right now…
Labor on the other hand, willing to put in a fair amount of sweat equity. I hope you are thinking, something larger than a toaster oven. It would be a waste, in my book, to go smaller than 4×4×6 feet or maybe 5×5×6…

Wolf D.

I am interested in this project, and although I have no experience with the process of powder coating, I am willing to help with labor or research

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I will start a price list for parts.
-donated elec oven
-Eastwood dual voltage powder coat gun. $207
-Metal for powder booth free?
-acrylic. scrap
-electronics to control oven. $50?
-electrical plug 220v. I think I have one
-120v plug. Have one on hand
-Pneumatics plus regulator. $97
-Wheels. $50?
-Pneumatic line and fittings. $40?

I’m thinking an electric regular oven in terms of size.

I have a powder coat gun you can have, but it’s a Central Machinery thing.

The difficulty is that a booth is a really big deal to mess with. I just used it outside.

A regular oven does cure it just fine. Also there are a lot of shops that use infrared heating with propane “sunflower” heaters, but obviously we can’t do that.

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Thanks Danny. We can always upgrade the gun in the future if we need a little bit more features.

I forgot about adding a vortex dust separator shop vac combo to clean the booth after a shoot. Thanks for the reminder

Well I guess, since we are short on space, and there prolly won’t be much demand…
Just sad, to be limited to things NO bigger than a loaf of bread. Car parts are out. There will be hot spots, with mixed results. Just sayin.


I got a free electric oven. One part down. I’m going to work on gathering parts. There is will a day later this month when we will work on it.

I noticed a couple of ovens for sale at the current UT surplus auction. There is a small lab oven, Thelco Model 18. I measured the interior at about 18 wide x 13.5 deep x 19 high. Measurements in inches.
There is a nice commercial food oven made by Vulcan. Interior about 29 wide x 27 deep x 20 high, I think. Food residue show lots of use, so it would be a lot more attractive if it were cleaned up.
I have not idea if either one would be suitable for your project or what they might sell for. Auction ends Tuesday Aug-11.

I noticed that they also have a mass spectrometer listed for sale. Current bid price is $5. I think it would be great for the Hackerspace to have a mass spectrometer, although I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of how to use one. ; - )

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I’m looking at some ovens on swico also. Here is some pics of the pics of the oven.

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I have found an oven that I think you should bid on at the UT Surplus auction. This auction ENDS AT 1 PM TODAY. I am sorry to say that somehow I did not figure out that I had missed it until late in the day yesterday.
It is a lab oven larger than a home oven, with a temperature range up to 300 centigrade, and the current bid price is $10. If it is in working condition, I think you should be able to use it with no modifications.
I found this web site where it is described:


That’s so cool, Lloyd, thanks for sending!

I’m watching that auction and will bid a nominal amount

I got the Gallenkamp Oven. I also have a bid on large commercial oven in auction ending next week.


I found some larger ovens and spray booth. I would like to work on every project that is a thought in my mind, but I have to temper that with reality and time space continuum. With that said I will pick up the items next week from the auction. I will start getting volunteers to to come help after the parts arrive.

The foot print on the overall project has a grown a bit.

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Thank you, Joe, for snagging these items for making a powder coating whatever-it-turns-out-to-be.
I have limitations in both social distancing needs and applicable skills, but would love to help in any way I can.

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Hey Joe

Just seen this post from mid Aug. How is the project going?


Honestly very slow. I got very busy with work. I’m going to circle back after Thanksgiving.