Potential new member looking for project guidelines - firearms

Hi All,
I’m Max, nice to meet you! I’m a late 20s devops engineer with a history of hardware tinkering and light machine shop work (high school shop class was my happy place.) I’ve had my eye on joining ATXHS for a while and now that my side projects have reached ‘beyond the garage’, I’m interested in learning new skills, finishing some projects and even sharing some knowledge if there’s anything I can offer.

One deciding factor on joining is the scope of projects permitted at ATXHS. For full transparency, I’m interested in machining metal and detailed engraving work on small firearms. All of the work preformed would be raw metal machining (cutting channels, drilling, mirror finish polishing, etc) for non-functioning, fully disassembled gun parts (physically incapable of firing), following all law abiding and extra safety precautions. Legal liability would of course be entirely my own responsibility. I’m also aware that guns are a complicated issue and can make some folks uncomfortable. I want to be respectful of the community before bringing this type of project into the environment.

Would a project of this nature be permitted and if so, are there any guidelines or history I should know about? (On the flip side, if we have any current or ex gunsmiths in the community I’d love to meet you!)

Thank you for your time!

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Hey Max,

Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome! Full transparency is greatly appreciated and an important part of our community. There’s a lot of amazing things you can do here at ASMBLY (formerly ATXHS), but work with firearms is not one of them. Sorry to disappoint there and hope you’ll still find there are plenty of other projects you can do at the space to lead you to join! Hopefully you can also connect with some other members here who have similar interests to bounce ideas and techniques off each other.

Warm regards,

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Hi Valerie,

Thank you for the welcome! That’s unfortunate but not necessarily unexpected. I figure it never hurts to ask and I appreciate your input on the topic. Some hobbies don’t mix and I fully respect that. During my brief browsing of the board I’ve been many incredible ideas and projects that have inspired me. I’ll absolutely consider joining ASMBLY. I admit it would feel good to build some furniture again. Thanks again for your attention, perhaps I’ll see you around the workshop.

  • Max