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(edited: thread originally said “Problems or questions or need an exception for Skedda? Reply here!”)

How do I access Skedda? Where did the Skedda How To go?

I also need to know how to access Skedda, is there a link were supposed to follow, go to the skedda sight and search for atxhs. Etc.

So more guidance would be appreciated.

Yea, it would be nice to know the most basic things. That was the original reason to sign-up for Discourse. Now I feel tricked.

This thread is intended for technical support of Skeeda.

I have made another thread to discuss how to access skeeda, and I will ask the board to chime in on that thread as some things haven’t been made very clear.

Can you provide a link to that thread?

Link to Skedda Usage Thread

Hey all, I’m going to archive this thread. I created a subcategory for Skedda help so people are able to make threads for individual issues. You can find the new home at